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Rigid calendered PVC film

"The polymer of choise" Rigid PVC film is the preferred packaging medium for applications requiring visual and protective coverings. Thermoforming blister packages and clamshells for food, pharmaceutical, medical devise as well as general industrial and consumer packages are easily produced and reproduced time and time again. Our Rigid PVC films are available in various formulations to address your specific needs. IPISA offers you the choise from thin to thick, narrow to wide, crystal clear or colours, sheeted or roll stock.

Ipidurex & Ipipack

Products brands are designed to meet our customers varied and demanding requirements. Our local IPISA representatives are always avaliable to assist you with selecting the product best suited for your end use application.

Typical end use applications

  • Lamination
  • Print grades with matte or gloss surfaces
  • Crystal clear, transparent and opaque colors in all formulations
  • Crystal clear boxlid
  • Stationery
  • Thermoformed blyster & clamshell
  • High slip with external coating for high speed denest
  • Medium slip with external coating for high speed denest
  • Deep draw thermoforming