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Over thirty years of proven reliability and performance, IPISA is recognised worldwide as a producer of superior quality Calendared PVC films and Extruded Polyester films. Strategically located in Mexico City offering land based transportation to locations in North, Central and South America. IPISA products are shipped globally and are supported by an international team of professional representatives available to assist our customers with their specific material needs.

IPISA continues to develop next generation products as demanded by a constantly changing market environment. As well IPISA has followed an aggressive expansion program that includes the recent addition of a state-of-the-art CALENDER and the start up of a new EXTRUSION facility for the exclusive production of RPET and PET films.

The IPISA management team us continually upgrading management practices and quality procedures to insure that we achieve the highest standards possible. All our products are fully guaranteed to meet and exceed their intended application.